and current projects

Our references are, for example, the work carried out by us for the world’s leading cable manufacturers for offshore wind energy as well as well-known Internet providers and public companies. Other projects include Blight Bank, Trianell, Hornsea, Walney Extension, Horns Rev, Q10 and Borrsele I+II.

Reference projects

  • Wind farm Alpha Ventus
  • Wind farm Gemini
  • Ftth Kaiserslautern
  • Fiber optic line extension Bornheim
  • Fiber optic line extension Bielefeld
  • Fiber optic indoor cabling with installation of well-known DIY stores in Germany
  • Sandbank Windfarm (SBOW)
  • Wind farm Borssele I+II
  • OWP Sandbank
  • Gf-assembly of well-known large industrial companies in NRW
  • CWA 2 construction control

Current projects

  • Fiber optic line expansion in Bornheim
  • Fiber optic line expansion in Nideggen
  • Fiber optic line expansion in Bonn
  • Ftth in Bornheim
  • Ftth in Nideggen
  • Ftth in Bonn
  • Dolwin6
  • DTSB CableCampaign 2021

Free fan assembly in Dörpen

Activities: Fiber optic installation on high voltage cable in Dörpen

Client: NKT

Fiber optic line extension in Weilerswist, Bornheim, Zülpich, Dueren, Bonn, Vorgebirge for well-known internet providers

Activities: Installation of fiber optic sleeves, GF line installation (BGT, KÜG, NVT), Ftth,
cable blowing in and pulling in of micro and mink cables, measurements and documentations.

Wind farm Sylt

Activities: Fiber optic sleeve installation with measurement and documentation

Client: EOS

Fiber optic work for regional civil engineering companies

Activities: Fiber optic network (BGT, KÜG, NVT) route extension together with house connections with subsequent Gpon measurements, Pon-FMT measurements, control measurements and documentations, work with Gigabit business system, as well as blow-in and cable insertion works of micro and mini cables.

Alpha Ventus

First German wind farm in the North Sea in 2009

Activities: Cable pulling, termination works, fiber optic works.

Client: NSW

Wind farm Rödsand

Wind farm off the south coast of the Danish island of Lolland.

Activities: Cable pulling, termination works, fiber optic works.

Client: NSW

Borssele I+II

Windpark in der holländischen Nordsee

Tätigkeiten: Terminierungsarbeiten, Glasfaserarbeiten

Auftraggeber: NEXANS Deutschland GmbH

Sandbank Offshore  Windfarm (SBOW)

Wind farm off the south coast of the Danish island of Lolland.

Activities: Termination work, fiber optic work

Client: EOS

Wind farm BALTIC I

Wind farm in the German Baltic Sea

Activities: Deliveries of V4A control cabinets, fiber optic works.

Client: EnBW

Oil platform Mexico


Tätigkeiten: Glasfaserarbeiten

Auftraggeber: NSW

Wind farm Burbo Bank

Extension: Wind farm in England

Activities: Fiber optic work

Client: NEXANS

Nordergründe wind farm

New North Sea

Activities: Documentation controlling for fiber optics

Client: WPD

Cable Repair Mozambique


Oil Export Expansion Project

Persian Gulf / Dubai

Activities: Fiber optic measurements and documentation

Client: Leighton Offshore


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Nexans Deutschland GmbH

“We have been working with Glasfasertechnik Pioch GmbH for many years, especially in the area of ​​special fitters, which we always need for our construction sites.

We are very satisfied with the selection of staff, their qualifications and the careful execution of the desired activities. Communication with the company is always clear and service-oriented. We can recommendGlasfasertechnik Pioch GmbH without reservation.”