Our vision:

Fast data transmission for all

Fiber optics – a product of the future

With us you have a strong and reliable partner at your side

We, Glasfasertechnik Pioch GmbH, apply our many years of experience and well-founded distinctive knowledge in fiber optic expansion nationally and internationally on land and at sea.

Wir, Glasfasertechnik Pioch, setzen unsere jahrelangen Erfahrungen und fundierten ausgeprägten Kenntnisse in den Glasfaserausbau national und international an Land und auf See ein. Glasfaser strahlt keine Signale aus und ist besonders abhörsicher. Durch Glasfasernetzwerke ist es möglich, dass Hardware und die Elektronik zentral an einer Stelle positioniert werden können. Somit gehören Kabelschränke mit Anlagen, die im ganzen Gebäude verteilt sind, endgültig der Vergangenheit an.


FTTH, FTTB, FTTC, cable blow-in and cable pull-in work, final assembly in GF route expansion, final assembly in the server cabinet with patch panels, client representative and construction supervision. After a personal consultation, we offer demand-oriented and customized solutions with the most modern equipment.


Hang-off assembly, cable assembly, fiber optic assembly, client representative, termination work, splicing and measuring as well as monitoring, with us you are in good hands. We offer you our years of experience and core competence with state-of-the-art equipment, even at sea.

Three reasons,
why we are the best partner for you in fiber optic expansion

Since the fiber optic expansion involves many contacts, such as with authorities, cities, municipalities, customers, clients and suppliers, for us, Glasfasertechnik Pioch, good communication and clear agreements are always important and also a matter of course.


We offer customized solutions and complete packages.


We work with high quality ODTR meters (Exfo) and splicing machines from Fujikura to ensure excellent quality


Our staff is regularly trained in-house and externally and is therefore always up to date.

References and current projects in fiber optic expansion

Our references include, for example, the work carried out by us for the world’s leading cable manufacturers for offshore wind energy as well as well-known Internet providers and public companies.

Reference projects

  • Wind farm Alpha Ventus
  • Wind farm Gemini
  • Wind farm Sylt
  • Wind farm Hornsrev 3
  • Wind farm Burbobank 1 and 2
  • Ftth Kaiserslautern
  • Fiber optic expansion Bornheim
  • Fiber optic expansion Bielefeld
  • Fiber optic indoor cabling with installation of well-known DIY stores in Germany
  • Borselle I+II
  • OWP Sandbank

Current projects

  • Fiber optic expansion in Zülpich 
  • Fiber optic expansion in Bornheim
  • Fiber optic expansion in Nideggen
  • Fiber optic expansion in Bonn
  • FttH in Zülpich
  • FttH in Bornheim
  • Ftth in Nideggen
  • Ftth in Bonn
  • Fiber optic assembly Neuss